First documented mention

Weiterode was first mentioned in records on August 27, 1057. Originally Weiterode belonged to the archbishopric Mainz. It was the only village in the county of Bad Hersfeld that belonged to the archbishopric. In contrast a village, named Schornsheim, which was situated south of Mainz in the direction of Alzey, belonged to the territory of Hersfeld. Because of easier cultivation archbishop Liutbold of Mainz and abbot Meginher of Hersfeld exchanged the two villages. The contract was signed by Liutpold archbishop of Mainz, Meginher abbot of Hersfeld and 33 witnesses. The exchange was negotiated in public in Mainz by order of king Heinrich IV and in agreement with the archbishop Liutbold and the abbot Meginher in 1057 on August 27.

Historical basic data

After 1344 Weiterode belonged to Hesse and was situated in the bailiwick Ziegenhainisch.

In documents of 1376 a castle is mentioned. Today the street and parish name “Burgrain” is the last sign of this castle. In 1502 Weiterode was a part of the department Rotenburg and a few years later the court for several localities was situated in Weiterode. During that time period a few villages became deserted amongst those were Stockhausen, Erdhausen and Rudolferode. In the Thirty Years’ War the village and its church were ransacked.

During the 18th and 19th centuries many people in Weiterode became linen weavers. Because of the construction of the railroad around 1850 and because of the upcoming train station in Bebra, Weiterode turned into a railroader village.

Since the construction of the so-called bypass a rail triangle surrounds Weiterode. The consistent upward movement after the 2nd World War ended during the 1980’s with the downfall of the train station Bebra.

[TO BE TRANSLATED]1972 wird Weiterode im Zuge der Gebietsreform der größte von insgesamt 11 Stadtteilen Bebras[/TO BE TRANSLATED].

950 jubilee in 2007

In 2007 Weiterode celebrated the 950 jubilee of its first documented mention (August 1057, see above) with a festival from August 4th to 12th.