Association of clubs

To maintain traditions in the future 16 clubs of Weiterode teamed up and founded an association.

Aim and purpose of the association is the organization of the village fair, which takes place every two years on the first weekend of August. Furthermore the realization of the annual kermis in October shall be secured. If no one can be found to organize the kermis the association of clubs will take over.

Since the annual general meeting on January 1st 2010 the managing-committee assembles as followed:

  • 1. chairman: Andreas Nölke
  • 2. chairman: Volker Schulz
  • 1. cashier: Johannes Koch
  • 2. cashier: Thomas Hauff
  • secretary: Janette Rehs
  • substitutional secretary: Sabrina Schäfer
  • committee members: Martin Schade und Sven Stutzmann
  • We want to thank our former committee-members Andreas Nölke, Kathrin Eisel and Vanessa Schulz for their great work in the past.

Members of the association are the following clubs:

  • DRK Weiterode (German Red Cross, aggregation of Weiterode)
  • ESV Weiterode (soccer club)
  • Freiwillige Feuerwehr Weiterode (voluntary fire department)
  • Heimatverein Weiterode (heritage society)
  • Jugendclub Blechdose (youth club)
  • Kaninchenzuchtverein K111 (rabbit keeping club)
  • Kegelclub „Flotte Kugel“ (ninepins club)
  • Kulturverein Ellis Saal Weiterode e.V. (cultural club)
  • Landfrauenverein Weiterode (Country Women's Association)
  • Mandolinenverein Weiterode (Mandolins club)
  • Männergesangverein 1893 (Men’s choir)
  • Obst- und Gartenbauverein Weiterode (Fruit and gardening club)
  • Radsportverein Weiterode (cycling club)
  • Schützenverein „Horrido“ (marksmen/women club)
  • Sportangelverein Weiterode
  • Turnverein 1903 Weiterode (gymnastics club)